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A History Of Canadian Restaurants And How They’ve Shaped Our Cuisine

Dive in to Gabby Peyton's new book about the history of Canadian restaurants—with iconic recipes!


Ask A Chef: The Royal’s Albert Ponzo Shares His Recipe for Autumn Scallops

A mixture of crunchy radishes, roasted brussels sprouts and rich cauliflower complement the seafood.


Ask A Chef: Sean Finnerty of Parsons Brewing Company Shares the Recipe for Spiced Apple Cake

This autumnal dessert is perfectly balanced.


Ask A Chef: Bocado Executive Chef Stuart Cameron Shares The Recipe For An Autumnal Salad

The Spanish-inspired dish uses seasonal Canadian ingredients.

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3 Prince Edward County Chefs Share Their Most Popular Fall Recipes

These dishes celebrate the season's best.

Chefs We Love

Ask A Chef: Fairmont Executive Chef Harris Sakalis Shares His Secret For Making The Best Bread

The House Local Lager Bread is a must-try!


Cocktail Recipes to Have on Holiday Repeat

5 Must-Have Holiday cocktail ideas and recipes to try this season.

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Pot-roast Chicken

Served with fondant potatoes, herby salad and roasted garlic.


Herb-crusted Yellowfin Tuna

Eric Ripert shows us the best way to cook a piece of tuna.


Lobster Thermidor

A complicated recipe made simple.


Provençal Fish Stew

A hearty winter soup that originates from France.

Chefs We Love

You Have To Try Jamie Oliver’s 5-Ingredient Mediterranean Recipes

The prolific British chef is back with a new cookbook.


Couscous & Chicken Bake

With tzatziki marinade, sweet red peppers and charred onion.


Chestnut Carbonara

Complete with smoky pancetta, creamy pecorino and black pepper sauce.